bugs Beddow band
"Hallowe'en In Hell" Party, Hell Creek Ranch, Hell, MI
Halloween Night Friday, October 31, 2003 9pm - 12am

Hallowe'en in Hell Party
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Practice Safe Sax...always use a Condiment

Costume contest winners, based on Creativity & abOriginality

Glenn Olds sez, "Live Long & Prosper"

Mayor of Hell, Michigan, the honorable John Colone, got the job because he cut the Mustard.

"He's one of 'our' people"

Rick Salkeld is right...make Love, not War!


Duffy King as "Neo" from "The Matrix"

Jim Pryor as 1968 Detroit Tiger, Ray Oiler


Actual Cheech & Chong rolling paper

Far Out!

Costume Contest Winners!

Happy Hallowe'en!